October Is National Bullying Prevention Month!

The Best Foot Forward Series and National Bullying Prevention Month.

What are the effects of bullying on children?   According to stopbullying.gov, the effects are far reaching.  Bullying effects the bully, the child being bullied and the child observing the bullying episode!  In other words all children, directly or indirectly, are impacted by bullying behavior, including the bully him/herself!  These children display the effects of what they experience by loss of appetite, changed sleep patterns and withdrawing socially, and more.  Please take time to look at this site it will help all of us to understand this damaging social problem.

MUSIC CAN HELP AND HEAL:  Do you want an upbeat way to address the bullying issue during the National Anti -Bullying Awareness Month at home or at school?  Why not add music?  Especially happy, on topic, music with a beneficial message!   Music does affect the listener in positive ways.  Songs like Bully Bubba from the BIG BULLY album, Great To Be Me, from U R SOME 1, and There’s No Place For Bullies In Our School, from the SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES collection, are just three examples of meaningful music addressing anti-bullying, self confidence and social empathy from the Best Foot Forward music series… all being performed by some of the best children’s musician in the world!

The Best Foot Forward Music Series was created with the vision of it being played, not only at home, but also in the school and classroom.  I could envision kids walking through the doors of the school, scurrying to lockers and classrooms, while hearing music from the BFF Music Series being played over the intercom system.   After all, where are kids most likely to encounter bullying, self esteem issues, or people different from themselves, than the place where they spend the greatest amount of time for the largest part of the year, outside of home?

Listen… is that the I’m Sorry song being played in the hall at school this morning?  What a great way to start the day.Educators are taking notice…over the past year Recess Music has received requests from teachers and librarians for the lyrics for the songs on various albums.  One, a language arts teacher, was required by the school to provide lyrics for any music played in the classroom.  We were happy to accommodate the request, and excited to hear about an innovative school program teaching language arts along with music!

This is just one way that music can help and heal.  Let’s help our kids get the best out of their time at home and at school by spending time listening to great music!

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