A Year of Sharing and Gratitude!

Recess Music Best Foot ForwardWould you like to turn over a new leaf in this New Year?  Would you like to feel more and more organized as we move through 2013?  You can have a positive impact in the lives others just by opening a few doors and more!  Throughout this year, with postings to my blog, I will guide you step by step into a process of sharing and gratitude that will impact your life in a positive way and the attitudes of your children, your family, and your community.

Musically, Recess Music will emphasize Sharing and Gratitude through its BEST FOOT FORWARD MUSIC SERIES.  SHARE!, our first release in 2013, is a musical collection that can help kids and families understand the concept of sharing, in both big ways and small, with the help of the some of the best musicians in North America!  Let’s help our children understand the things they can do to share with others in simple practical ways, while getting the whole family involved.

GRATITUDE ATTITUDE, our second musical collection, slated for a fall release, will look at the opposite of sharing…that is… how to be grateful for what we have.  I can be thankful for the food on my plate, grateful for my family, appreciative for the friends in my life… important life concepts for all, regardless of our age.

I think of the goal of Recess Music for 2013 as a way to provide musical bookends for the year by providing a musical opportunity to examine these two, very important, life lessons.

Are you ready to put your Best Foot Forward?


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