The 2013 Share Challenge

How would you like to end the year 2013 with a feeling of accomplishment, renewal, goals met, and gratitude?  The 2013 SHARE! CHALLENGE can help you attain those goals.  Throughout the year, I invite you to follow the Recess Music blog, as I present possibilities and goals for doing just that.  February 14th is a great day to begin!

The goal is to bring order to your life both in the present, as well as in the future, with some long range planning.   Some goals will take manual labor other goals will need brain power and decision making.

We begin, in February, with the process of cleaning every closet, room, garage, basement and box that is contained within your home in the next few months of 2013.  There is real value in the things you might find there.  If you are not using it…someone else can.  If it is a “keepsake” or family heirloom, well then, let’s find a place for it!  Art work created by your children?  Preserve it or frame it.   How about making scrapbooks for each of your children?  Bring together pictures of Mom and Dad from grade school, old report cards, letters sent home from camp, pictures of grandparents, even long favored family recipes. Your kids will love them. The perfect gift to put under the tree for in December, with months for planning and creating!

Let’s begin today, make a plan, for each week/month, for which spaces to tackle, and get the family involved.  How about the neighborhood? A block garage sale, with a goal for donating to an agreed upon charity in your community, is a great idea.  Set the date now for your block sale, it will get everyone motivated!

This is the perfect way to share.  The things you find in your closet can be the warm coats and mittens for another family, or an opportunity to donate to the recycle center or the Goodwill, instead of the landfill.  And you can be kind to Mother Earth by recycling, reusing, repairing, donating, and sharing.

So, are you in?  Up for the challenge?  You know you need to do this!  No time like the present!  What a great feeling you will have on December 31, 2013!

In the coming months I will invite you to organize other areas of your life.  This is where the brain power will be needed. Some of the challenges may be more difficult, some will be more fun, but in the end, I hope the process will be beneficial.
So, if you will excuse me, I’m starting with all the medicine cabinets and linen closets this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Nancy

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