October is National Anti-Bullying Month

Big BullyWE AT RECESS MUSIC produce music that we believe will entertain, encourage and educate children, families and educators.  Our Best Foot Forward Music Series was designed to create a conversation about social issues that are a regular part of a child’s world today.  We embrace the ideals of global peace, social-justice, harmony and understanding.  Whether in the home or the classroom, in the car, or at Grandma’s house, we believe that music can help and heal.

NATIONAL ANTI-BULLYING MONTH may bring painful subjects into our conversations with our kids of all ages…but these conversations are vital to the safety and well being of our children.  Though this BLOG may be a bit heavy, our kids may be seeing bullies and their bullying tactics in school, on the playground, or on the sports field.  START THE CONVERSATION.

I think of a child’s brain as a very highly advanced, highly technical movie camera and sound recorder that fits perfectly inside of a child’s little head.  From the first moment of birth the camera is automatically engaged and from then on, as long as the brain is in working order, the camera is recording each experience in Technicolor with high quality sound.  The child records her parent’s first smiles, the sound of their voices, the emotion on their faces … all is on the film to be replayed on demand.  EVERYTHING is recorded, nothing is left out!


And when a child is bullied, or verbally abused, that is on the memory film too.  The snarls on the faces of the perpetrators, the pain of being struck, the verbal impact of the hurled words … to be played back, revisited, experienced once again, REMEMBERED, at any moment.  The film, in the movie camera and the sound recorder, can never be wiped clean, it is there to stay.

THUS IS THE IMPACT OF BEING BULLIED.  Whether a first grader, or a seventh grader, or an adult: bad experiences stay with us to be called up at a moment’s notice.

When the Best Foot Forward album entitled Big Bully was released, I heard from a lot of adults, and I was surprised that most of them commented on the album by recounting … remembering … like it had just happened … a time when they were bullied!  From years earlier the movie camera could replay, with perfect clarity, the experience of being bullied, the pain and humiliation was recorded too. These were adults, remembering being bullied from decades earlier.

The words we use, the way we say them, our faces, our voices are remembered, recorded, by all kinds of people every day.

What do you remember?  What do others remember about you?





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