2013 – A Year for Sharing and Gratitude

Recess Music has spent the year of 2013 emphasizing SHARING AND GRATITUDE. One is an action the other is a thought process. To promote SHARING, every blog post this year has made suggestions about how we can Get Organized in our own lives, to share with others in our communities and to do meaningful planning for our families and the future. I hope you have taken part in the “Get Organized” challenges for 2013.

Recess Music Best Foot ForwardGetting organized, long range planning, and taking personal stock of where we are in the stages of life has been a very valuable experience for my husband and myself. We are a few years away from retirement but we have been anxious to downsize our lives, our home size and our storage shed. Therefore, the 2013 Challenge to SHARE with others has been helpful and gratifying. We also wanted to use this time to share the very meaningful belongings we have with our children. Things like grandma’s candlesticks, pieces of antique jewelry, art work and the “can’t put a price on this” items, gathered along the many starts and stops of our family life. It has caused a walk down memory lane that we have found, at times, bitter sweet but meaningful and helpful.

We have made headway on downsizing our life and lifestyle. ABSOLUTELY THE HARDEST TASK OF THE YEAR! WOW THIS IS DIFFICULT! Where are we in our life together? Should we get rid of that item or is it still meaningful to BOTH of us? What size of house do we really NEED? A one level home or a two story? If he doesn’t like an item do I get to keep it anyway? How do we start a college fund for our grandchildren? We have wrestled with these questions and at least 100 more this year. The storage unit is not empty yet so we will carry this process on into…2014…and that’s ok!

Also, we have spent countless hours talking, debating, and meeting with our lawyer to accomplish the task of updating our wills. It is so comforting to have this task legally signed, sealed, delivered to the safe deposit box! We have also spent time talking to our children about our wishes for the future and why we have made the decisions we have for ourselves and for them.

Ultimately, 2013 has been about being grateful for all the things we have and the people we have in our lives, sharing the things that we no longer need and putting them into the hands of people who can benefit from them.

I hope this time of sharing and self evaluation has been good for you and your family! If you signed onto the organizational tasks set forth for this year, I hope you will carry on the practice of goal setting for 2014. There are always important things to do, goals to set and new ideas to explore. Doing this as one person is great…doing this as a couple or as a family can have a PROFOUND IMPACT on your children and teach them much about what is really valuable in life.

I hope your family has found this meaningful and that in some small way our 2013 SHARE! and Gratitude Attitude albums have been helpful you.



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