Recess Music is a music production company.

We entertain, encourage and educate children, families and educators through two award winning, highly acclaimed music series.

Whether we CELEBRATE EARTH and the wonders of our magnificent green planet through earth friendly music…or

We put our BEST FOOT FORWARD through music that presents positive ideas for living a life full of possibilities…

We embrace the ideals of global peace, social-justice, harmony and understanding.

We believe that all human beings, regardless of age, can be equipped to appreciate our beautiful planet and a world that is wise, fair and generous hearted.


Recess Music CEO Nancy Doan

Nancy has as always made music a part of her life. “I sang to my children, mostly in the car, while driving from one activity to another. I wanted them to enjoy all kinds of music; I wanted them to hear music like Stephen Foster’s ‘Susannah,’ and Irving Berlin’s ‘In Your Easter Bonnet’ and ‘White Christmas,’ as well as George M. Cohen’s ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy.’ A real favorite for my children was ‘Three Little Fishes,’ a big band song from the 1940s. I can’t tell you how many times I sang that song.”

Fast forward, about thirty years, when Nancy started to get requests from her then grown kids for the music and lyrics of the songs they heard when they were children. Soon they were sung to the little ones now present in their own lives.

At that same time, she was becoming aware of the concerns for Mother Earth and the challenge to protect and preserve our planet. Knowing that so much of the preservation burden would fall to the next generation she wanted to contribute, in some way, to help children appreciate the wonders of nature and the challenge to protect it. Like so many years before, her search turned to music as a source of inspiration, this time finding music about our planet and its endangered resources.

This new chapter became an endeavor to bring talented musicians and children together in a new way–to benefit “Mother Earth.” The creative music, the wonderfully written lyrics, and the dedication of the musicians were impressive!

The mission became one of bringing together the music and the audience. A “one stop shop” for earth friendly music celebrating all the beautiful parts of our planet. Music to entertain, educate, and encourage children, parents and teachers.

So began RECESS MUSIC: PLAYTIME FOR YOUR EARS and the “Celebrate Earth” CD series was born. A compilation of artists and their music that will excite children about their world, as well as the responsibilities associated with keeping Mother Earth healthy and green.

Nancy believes herself to be a citizen of the world, traveling to and appreciating all the corners of our green planet. “I want the future generations to be able to celebrate earth just as my family and I have done for so many years. Mother Earth is dynamic and powerful, but she needs our help!”

A native of beautiful Minnesota, Nancy’s husband Christopher and her four daughters help her to achieve her dreams.